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· One min read

if you have ubuntu and your spotify keeps opening without a window or controls, this is a quick fix via your .bashrc file. enter the command on a terminal whenever spotify opens without a window.

# install wmctrl
sudo apt install wmctrl
# this is the wmctrl command to fix the windowed issue: `alias spotifix='wmctrl -r spotify -b toggle,fullscreen'`
# use the command below to append the above command to your bashrc
echo "alias spotifix='wmctrl -r spotify -b toggle,fullscreen'" >> ~/.bashrc
# source your bashrc, or restart your terminal
source ~/.bashrc

· One min read

Majestic Casual

From what I understand, Majestic Casual is a German indie electronic music label and are known for producing mellow, ethereal tracks. This playlist has music officially by the label, and also a bunch of adjacent sounds that fit the vibe.