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· 2 min read

A little over a year ago (July 12, 2021), I made a new financial mistake. Not just a Supreme hoodie or two, more to the tune of a midlife-crisis-come-early. Last July, I brought an RB-26 into my life.

front left angle of r32 gtr

· One min read

a few quick aliases I keep in my .bashrc to make life easier. these are from scratch after shifting computers, so I will update this constantly!

# list all files including authors, indicators for diff types of objects
alias ll='ls -alF'
# list all files except . and ..
alias la='ls -A'
# list all files by columns, indicators for diff types of objects
alias l='ls -CF'

# make it easy to directly copy and paste commands from online tutorials!
alias pip=pip3
alias python=python3

# using the cloc plugin:
alias sloc='cloc $(git ls-files)'

· One min read

Majestic Casual

From what I understand, Majestic Casual is a German indie electronic music label and are known for producing mellow, ethereal tracks. This playlist has music officially by the label, and also a bunch of adjacent sounds that fit the vibe.

· One min read

Hello, World! This is insane. I finally have a self hosted blog after almost a decade of saying I was going to make one. Excited to post more on here soon! I did have to back-date this post a little to make sure it showed up first, so don't worry about that...