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Rigatoni alla Vodka

· 2 min read

This is a tried-and-true banger recipe for a simple (not super healthy) and fulfilling meal. Check it out below!


rigatoni1 lb
olive oilfew tbsp for sauce, few tbsp for veggies
yellow onion1/2
garlic3 cloves
tomato paste6 fl oz
vodka1/4 c
half and half (or heavy cream)1 c
parmesan reggianoto taste
chili flakesto taste
red chili powderto taste
garlic powderto taste
onion powderto taste
saltto taste
black pepperto taste
fresh basilto taste
dried basilto taste
any other seasoningsto taste



  1. dice onion
  2. mince garlic
  3. dice zucchini


  1. cook pasta al dente and set aside, save some pasta water (approx 1/2 c)


  1. heat oil on low-medium heat
  2. add yellow onion, saute until soft
  3. add minced garlic
  4. add tomato paste (stir to incorporate), cook until slightly darkened
  5. add vodka, stir in and reduce by ~1/3 or slightly less (people like to do by 1/2, but like bruh I need sauce)
  6. slowly add your dairy (heavy cream or half and half) and stir in to incorporate
  7. season the sauce with whatever seasonings you want in whatever amounts (I do approximately 2 parts salt, 2 parts garlic powder, 2 parts pepper, 2 parts chili powder, 1 part onion powder, 1 part dried basil)


  1. saute diced zucchini in olive oil until slightly browned


  1. take the sauce off the stove and toss pasta in it, add some pasta water to set appropriate consistency
  2. mix in the zucc and cheese as desired
  3. add as much salt is necessary to bring out the flavor
  4. top with fresh basil and some more cheese, as well as chili flakes
  5. bet

vodka sauce prep and unseen rigatoni in da pot rigatoni alla vodka and one awkward lad