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New Car Alert: 1993 R32 GT-R

· 2 min read

A little over a year ago (July 12, 2021), I made a new financial mistake. Not just a Supreme hoodie or two, more to the tune of a midlife-crisis-come-early. Last July, I brought an RB-26 into my life.

front left angle of r32 gtr

Front 3/4 of the car.

After graduating college, I put a lot of serious thought into potentially purchasing various cars (and trucks), but my childhood fantasy won out by a mile. This car is a black pearl metallic series 2: one-owner with 77,000 original miles on the clock. Other than the exposed intercooler and removed boost restrictor, the car's bone-stock. It's sitting on Volk Racing CE28n wheels and has a front BBK by Brembo.

rear left angle of r32 gtr

Rear 3/4 of the car.

I did the import process through Toprank Importers, and as of October 17, 2022 have yet to have received information on delivery due to the global pandemic. For those unfamiliar, California has its own version of the federal Environmental Protection Agency known as the California Air Resources Board (CARB). In order to import "grey-market" cars (older than 25 years old, but never sold domestically in the United States), you have to pay a fee to have the one shop in California licensed to perform the conversion to shove 10 catalytic converters in your exhaust make your car compliant. For hero cars like the Skyline, NSX, Supra, etc, this fee is $11,000 for a car which is close to stock, but exponentially more if modified. Luckily, Steve and the guys at Toprank have been great about communicating status updates whenever required, and I look forward to receiving the car soon. Until I do, here's some more angles!

r32 gtr exposed engine bay with rb-26 DETT showing

Ye olde trusty RB-26 DETT.

r32 gtr interior

6 speeds, right hand drive, an actual handbrake.